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Museum of Silesian Porcelain

Museum of Silesian Porcelain

Tułowice is a village with a rich tradition in the production of porcelain. The Museum is being prepared at the site of a porcelain production facility “Porcelit” established in 1886 by the Schlegelmilch family that had arrived from Thuringia. Before 1945 the factory in Tułowice was among the largest porcelain manufacturers in Silesia.  Due to their quality and designs, the products were well known in Europe and in the USA. From the beginning of the 20th century until World War I a majority of production was sold to the USA where the factory in Tułowice had its representatives.  After World War II, the facility increased its production focusing on popular inexpensive porcelite products. The production was closed in 2001.

The adapted interiors of the factory will house collections of porcelains from the most important Silesian porcelain factories.  The factory premises will house displays showing progress in the porcelain production process.  The exhibitions will be organised as workshops accessible to visitors. For collectors, it will be a place to organise conferences, meetings and auctions of historic porcelain.

The villa of the Schlegelmilch family will be a separate part of the Museum – in its historic preserved interiors an exhibition devoted to the “culture of the table” will be prepared.

The museum is not open to visitors!

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